MYOB & MALVIE Magazine

In the radiant realm of MALVIE, where fashion transcends boundaries and beauty knows no limits, we are delighted to announce a groundbreaking moment. Today, our pioneering creation, the MYOB Silicone Body, has been embraced by the illustrious pages of MALVIE Magazine—a bastion of French elegance and innovation.

This is not merely a feature; it is a celebration of the artistry and audacity that MYOB embodies.

As MALVIE Magazine showcases our vision, we extend an invitation to you to discover the MYOB Silicone Body within its curated collection of elegance. This is where cutting-edge technology meets the finesse of French fashion, where every curve is a statement, every line a narrative.

Join us in this voyage of discovery, where MALVIE and MYOB unite to chart new territories in the world of haute couture.