MYOB is my vision of the future of fashion.  An expression of my desire for women to wear tomorrow today.  Our bodysuit is bright, bold, and sexy.  Providing unlimited potential to express your unique sensibility.

It’s made from silicone, a material with exciting properties. Long life, unsurpassed comfort, resistance to water, UV light, and microbes.

Never throw it away.  If damaged, you simply return it to us, and the silicone is repurposed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Entirely sourced and manufactured in Italy to maintain the highest standards of quality and design.  The bodysuit endlessly enhances your existing wardrobe. Attach specially designed separates for even greater possibilities.

The future of fashion is freedom. MYOB takes you there. The only limit is your sense of adventure.
MYOB The new code.


Experience designer fashion and quality craftsmanship with MYOB. Through our team of passionate innovators, we create timeless pieces that blend style and comfort. Our international collaboration ensures a diverse range of fashion-forward designs and superior quality that you won't find anywhere else. Step out in style with MYOB.

This one-of-a-kind design features signature cutting-edge details and bold, modern lines. Are you ready to experience a fashion revolution? Enjoy maximum comfort and style with MYOB - the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Dare to stand out and elevate your look!

Detailed research and extensive testing ensures that each product features cutting-edge tech combined with timeless design. Trust that what you get is the best of both worlds.

Feel the emotion as MYOB moves with you! Join us in the MYOB revolution!



The MYOB logo was inspired by Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Teresa.

The sculpture captures the moment of passionate inspiration, blending the spiritual and the sensual.  Strength through receptivity.